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P.O. BOX 15855

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

24-HOUR PHONE LINE: 1-805-549-7730

EMAIL: ASC@centralcoastna.org


Download ASC Minutes (most recent 12 months only)


Youʼre a Group Service Representative! Now What?

The GSR is the communications link between the group and the rest of NA by way of the Area
Service Committee (ASC). At ASC the GSR gives a verbal report on its group and purchases literature
for the group.
The GSR is a strong supporter of the group they represent, attending the groups meeting regularly,
helping to set up, welcoming newcomers, and helping to maintain a positive attitude of recovery.
The GSR is an example to other members that NA works. The GSR is of service to the group in any
way needed.
The GSR is the keeper of the 12 Traditions at the group level. The GSR must maintain unity by
insisting that only NA approved literature be used, only NA activities are announced, and only flyers
for NA activities are displayed.
The GSR helps to prepare the Alternate GSR to assume the GSR position by explaining and
discussing issues with the Alternate GSR. The GSR has a responsibility to see that the group is
represented at ASC

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